Auskick a Huge Success

On November 13th 2016, Chengdu Number 18 Middle School played host to Chengdu’s first ever Auskick clinic. These clinics are held in Australia and teach children the about Australia’s most popular sport, Australian Rules Football.

Of course the clinic is designed to develop the children’s football skills but also gives them the opportunity to learn about teamwork, communication and interpersonal skills. But most importantly, it is good fun!

There were 34 children who took part in the clinic. They all learned about the rules of the game and the different areas of play before the coaches took them through drills to practice the skills of ‘hand-balling’ and ‘kicking’. It was a fun filled atmosphere with the children, parents and coaches all enjoying the experience.

After the training session had ended everyone stayed for an Australian BBQ, to have a chat and of course to kick the footy.

The day was a success due to the support of the Australian Consulate who sponsored the BBQ, the Gold Coast Suns who provided the balls and the Chengdu Kangaroos who supplied the coaches.

If this sounds like something you or your child would be interested in, do not worry. Auskick will be back in Chengdu before too long!